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Infant or Child


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Amanda Del Castillo provides parents and their newborns with a few of options so they can

choose which is best suited for them. Through two different types of massage, she is able to benefit every client possible.

Traditional Infant Massage

Every parent can attest that the first few months of a child's life are some of the most pivotal. Based off the book by Vimalla Schneider McClure, Amanda helps the baby to grow to be happy and healthy. Through only a few appointments, Amanda is able to empower both all types of parents to perform these techniques without much assistance. This type of massage is recommended for expecting parents, parents, and children from the newborn stage on.

Craniosacral Infant Massage

Stress is unavoidable when a new baby enters the world. The bones in a newborn's head are soft and often misaligned in their birth. This causes dysfunctions such as a colicky baby, sensory disorders, and inability to breastfeed. Craniosacral assists newborns to not only develop in a healthy and relaxed manner, but to calm an over-stimulated baby as well. 

Benefits of Infant Massage

Healthy breast-feeding

Lessens over-stimulation

Decreases the behavior of a colicky baby

Helps sensory disorders